Understanding the AWHA News
We have added a page to keep you informed of developments in AWHA2020 preparation.
Actually, this phase being essentially devoted to the finalization of our financing, we will be able to discern the numerous contacts made. The situation between certain countries being tense now, we do not want to strike sensitivities.

However, we will keep you informed of other developments. 

If you want to join the AWHA2020, supporting us financially, like others, we will be happy to welcome you in our board.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

21/8/2017 - Working meeting with Dr Rawaad Mahyub (World Humanitarian Forum Action). It was decided that for each Workshop, a key organization would be designated. Each organization will be responsible, under the supervision of the Steering Committee, for the preparation of a workshop. The list of Key Organizations will soon be published. On 28 November 2017, Professor Stephen Bronner and Mr Olivier Le Boulengé will take part in the World Humanitarian Forum and the World Islamic Worldwide Relief in London, where they will participate in the international conference "World Humanitarian Action Forum (Bridging the Gaps)".
31/08/2017 - Skype Meeting with Mr Nigro, Education For Employment Europe. EFE joins the Steering Committee of the AWHA 2018 and will organize one of the workshops as Head Organization.